Corning intros Lotus Glass for higher resolution displays

While we're all familiar with Corning's Gorilla Glass as it's become standard on high-end smartphones, the company recently announced a new display material for LCD and OLED screens called Lotus Glass. This new glass can withstand higher temperatures, offering greater thermal and dimensional stability to allow for attaching high-resolution displays and enabling tighter design rules.

The Lotus Glass has a high annealing point, meaning that it's heated to much higher temperatures and then allowed to slowly cool. This process removes internal stresses and makes for a much tougher product that can remain stable during high temperature production processes. In addition to being able to offer higher resolution image quality, the new glass is also said to increase response time and cut down battery usage.

The glass is currently in production, but the company has not revealed yet which manufacturers will be among the first to incorporate the glass. The recently launched Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus both do not use Corning's current Gorilla Glass, which may have something to do with display resolution requirements that the Lotus Glass will address.

[via ArsTechnica]