Core Prototype Robot is All Legs, Can Lift up to 220 Pounds [Video]

Robots come in all shapes and sizes. And more often than not, prototypes are the main focus for most researchers for quite some time. Even when a robot is, for all intents and purposes just a pair of movable legs, the prototype stage is a necessity for developing it further, so that it can be utilized within any particular market. Researchers at fuRo, which is a division within the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan, have put together a prototype called Core, which is designed to be able to carry, and move, a lot of weight.

While the researchers aren't necessarily aiming Core for any one particular market right now, just watching the video shows that it would be a perfect fit within the construction industry. The video itself isn't all that exciting, Core doesn't play soccer or anything. It's just a showcase of the mechanical legs lifting assorted weights, and then moving back and forth. Core is able to lift up to 220 pounds, and even though there's not necessarily a torso there, the legs reach up to a height of six foot six inches.

Core also weighs in at 507 pounds, so it's not light enough to just carry around. The mechanical legs also feature specially crafted shock absorbers, as well as motors to help in the function. It will be interesting to see what Core turns into, if anything at all. Or if the development process will be retooled to work on another robot entirely, where the results will be something lighter, yet can lift more and be a bit more mobile.

[via Plastic Pals]