CoPilot Live GPS app for Android is only $4.99

Shane McGlaun - Oct 18, 2010, 5:24am CDT

There are many GPS apps out there for Android users and they aren’t all created equal. A new version of the CoPilot Live GPS app for Android fans has launched that will allow the user to get maps of the US installed on the device along with the nav software. Having the maps stored on the device means you can get routes and navigation features without any need for a data connection.

I can tell you from experience that getting into rural areas with apps that need a connection to a network for navigation is not a good thing if you don’t know where you are going. The new app for Android users is called CoPilot Live and it is available for download right now on the Android market for $4.99. That fee is for lifetime unlimited use.

The app comes with two weeks worth of free live traffic service. If you like that live traffic service a years worth of access is $9.99. The app has voice directions with turn-by-turn guidance and street level maps of the country. The POI database has a million entries.

Via Android Community

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