Cool watch concept makes numbers easy to read

I would bet that at some point we have all had a watch that was really hard to read. I know I have had several over the years that I would have to spend ten or so seconds starting at to be able to figure out what time it was. A new concept watch is really cool looking and it makes those numbers very easy to read too.

The watch concept is called the Zoomin Watch and it uses hands that are magnifying glasses. The outer ring of numbers is the minutes with the round magnifying glass that spins around the face making the correct number larger and easier to read.

The inner ring is the hour hand that does the same thing. The designers envision the face of the watch in several colors and it appears to glow at night so you can read it. Since the watch is a concept there is no indication on whether it will ever see the real world outside of renders.

[via YankoDesign]