Cool Sierra Wireless AirCard 890 headed to AT&T

There are a lot of homes and offices that have more than one computer that needs mobile broadband. The problem is that many of the notebooks out there still don't use the same card slot for add-in cards. Sierra Wireless has a new broadband modem that is heading to AT&T that has a dual slot design letting it work on more notebooks.

The device has a dual design that can operate in a PC Card slot or a newer Express Card slot. The card will turn up on the AT&T network on May 5. Other than the slick dual slot design, the card also supports AT&T's new, faster HSPA 7.2 networks.

If the faster network isn't available, the device also supports plain 3G networks. Other features include integrated GPS for location-based services and more. The card will sell for $49.99 after a new agreement and a mail-in rebate.

[via SlashPhone]