Cool PJs for infants lets parents sleep soundly

When my kids were small infants my wife used to worry that they were just going to stop breathing at night. It would usually work like this; she would wake me from a dead sleep and tell me to check the baby to be sure he is breathing. I would tell her to go back to sleep the baby is fine and then lay there for a few minutes before I had to go check out of paranoia.

I am sure that all parents of new babies have gone through this. A company called Exmovere has announced new product called Exmobaby that will ease these fears for new parents. The product is a garment that the baby wears that uses sensors inside the fabric to remotely monitor the heart rate, emotional state, and behavior of the infant.

The wireless sensors use Zigbee to connect and send the information about the baby to parents via some sort of monitoring system. This is very cool and will let new parents just glance at a monitor to tell that their baby is all right.