Consumer Watchdog wants to know what the FBI and DEA are using Google Earth for

Consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog claims that the FBI and the DEA are making extensive use of Google Earth according to federal spending records. What those spending records don't say is exactly what the agencies are using Google Earth for.

According to the records, the FBI spent over $600,000 on Google Earth while the DEA has spent $67,000 on the application. DEA records show that Google Earth is being used along with the agencies High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program that targets specific geographic regions where drugs are more prevalent.

The FBI is completely mum on its use of Google Earth. Consumer Watchdog wants to know if Google Earth is being used in racial profiling. I don't quite get how old satellite images used on Google Earth can help catch drug traffickers unless the DEA is using the software to look for areas where drugs are grown in the US.