ConnecTV second-screen TV companion app adds 6-second clip-and-share functionality

ConnecTV, the second-screen app that syncs to whatever you're watching on TV for an information-rich, social sharing experience, is today rolling out a new feature that lets you select 6-second clips and share them via Twitter, Facebook, and email. The Vine- and Instagram-like clipping feature automatically loads the previous two minutes of the program and lets you swipe to cue to the moment you want to share. The update represents a major addition to the app and brings it more in line with the industry trend of TV- and device-pairing.

The app lets you tap your clips to add comments in any font style, size or color. Hit "Preview" to make sure it looks right, then hit "Post" to share the clip to your networks. You can also like, comment on, and chat about other clips shared through the ConnecTV network. In addition to live TV, ConnecTV also works with DVRs.

All the old features are still there as well. You can sign in through Twitter or Facebook, chat about live programming, discover new shows, and view program schedules. The updated app is available free of charge at the App Store and will soon be available on Google Play, the company told SlashGear. (The now-outdated version of ConnecTV is still available for Android pending the update for that OS.)

As far as revenue goes, the ConnecTV team works closely with major broadcasting groups representing over 250 channels to deliver in-app advertising that syncs with the TV advertising. This opens the door to some huge revenue potential and helps TV broadcasters justify expensive sponsorship deals. The company's industry contacts should help in that effort; the team includes former TV Guide president Ian Aaron, former TiVo technology head Alan Moskowitz, and former TiVo chief programing officer Stacy Jolna.