Connect A Sketch is a networked Etch A Sketch

Shane McGlaun - Apr 29, 2011
Connect A Sketch is a networked Etch A Sketch

I would bet that everyone has used an Etch A Sketch at some point in their life. I remember having one when I was a kid, I was always making stairs on the screen or having dueling light cycle fights after Tron came out. I always wished that you could have another set of knobs on top for some two-player Tron style battles on the toy. A cool new device called the Connect A Sketch will let me do just that.

The device is a pair of Etch A Sketch tablets that are hacked together to communicate and allow whatever is drawn on one screen to be automatically drawn on the other. That means that two people can collaborate on a drawing. In my case that also means I can have some two player light cycle battles like I always wanted. When one player is done with their image on the device and shakes it to erase, the other user is notified to shake their screen too.

The designer of the cool toy is Andrew Little, a product design student. Little said, “We all love to leave personal messages for one another, be it productive or playful, Connect A Sketch was designed to take this interaction to a larger scale. The reason I chose to do this through an Etch A Sketch is because of my appreciation of the toy I grew up with.” The Connect A Sketch will be unveiled at the 2011 Dundee Degree Show and at the London exhibition, New Designers.

[via DesignaLittle]

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