Confide might be the most secure messaging app we’ve ever seen

Nate Swanner - Feb 5, 2015, 2:21pm CST
Confide might be the most secure messaging app we’ve ever seen

Ephemeral messaging apps are popular, but they aren’t quite confidential. You can typically take a screenshot of what was sent to you, which preserves the moment for an eternity. The embarrassment potential is clear, but what about those times you really need to send confidential info, but don’t have time to chat on the phone (which seems to be the chosen method)? An app named Confide might help with that, and offers a much more secure way to send private info.

Confide works like many other disappearing messaging apps in that your messages go away once they’ve been read. End-to-end encryption is on order with Confide, so in a basic sense, it’s very much the same as other messaging apps.

Taking confidentiality a step further, Confide claims to be ‘screenshot proof’. That’s accomplished by only revealing a small snippet of text as users scroll over your message. This prevents a screenshot from getting all the info, and if a screenshot is taken, the message itself implodes.

You can also attach documents from all popular cloud storage solutions or use locally stored items. Confide recognizes phone numbers and emails, too, in case you need to save them to contacts.

Emails can be sent via Confide, too, should you need to share info (or have info shared with you) that definitely shouldn’t be left lingering on a computer or phone.

Pictures and documents are said to be screenshot-proof as well, both via Confide’s scroll-over feature, which they call ‘wanding’, and notifications if someone grabs a shot of what you sent.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android.

Source: Confide

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