Conde Nast magazines on new iPad called out for poor quality

With the incredible resolution that is the Retina Display, a lot of critics are taking a closer microscopic look into the various apps and content that have been around since before the improved technology. One of the companies that has been given such a critical eye is Conde Nast for its digital publications. Obviously, digital magazines and newspapers are a huge industry for tablets, especially the iPad, since publishers see it as their big chance to remain relevant. But Conde Nast might not be doing such a good job of that.

Conde Nast is the publisher of several best-selling publications, including The New Yorker, which it has converted into digital format for the iPad. Subscribers need to pay for the content just like they would for the print version, but as is pointed out at, the conversion is hardly optimized. The problem is that Conde Nast presents some of its articles in text form, and the rest in image form even though it's all still just text.

This means for much of the publication, users can't copy and paste, or dynamically search Google for term definitions and the like. And when it comes to the new iPad, the text is obviously able to be optimized, but the images are not, leading to a very disjointed appearance. Conde Nast is now being called out to change the way it presents its print publications in digital format. Currently is it using an Adobe software package for the conversion, but the end result is being called "infuriating" and it should be changed.

[via The Pixel Peeps]