Concept Wall-Mounted Washing Machine Probably Too Good to be True

This is probably one of those concepts that, unfortunately, won't ever make it past the concept stage. As big, bulky, and loud as our current generation of washing machines are (even if some of them are remarkably quiet, you get the point), seeing something as super thin, and lightweight enough to hang on a wall is pretty cool in of itself. Of course, there's a few questions that have to be asked when seeing something like this, and unfortunately considering the conceptual nature of the idea at this point, those answers probably just don't exist right now.

First and foremost? How many loads of laundry could something like this actually hold? While saving space may be great, if you're not saving any time or water by washing, you know, more than one item at a time, we can't really see a point to its existence. That doesn't mean it doesn't look awesome. And, we've got admit that the designer's heart and mind are definitely in the right spot. You also have to wonder how this would work in a "normal" abode, considering you've got those plug-ins, like water and electricity, to worry about. But, we imagine that if you're getting something like a wall-mounted washing machine, you can probably afford to build your own house around it. Right? We will say this, though: Electrolux's washing machines of the future are awesome.

[via Yanko Design]