Concept Total Plug Safety design keeps you from shocking yourself

The last time I shocked the beejeebers out of myself I was leaning over the desk trying to unplug a notebook and touched the prongs before they were all the way out of the wall. It was no fun and I am betting that a bunch of you have shocked yourself that way at one time or your kids have.

A new concept plug at Yanko Design has a very simply and ingenious way to prevent this sort of shock to adults and kids. The concept plug has an accordion style plastic protector that is thin enough to smash down when you plug the cord in without affecting the performance of the plug at all.

When you unplug the cord, the accordion protector unfolds and keeps you from accidentally touching the prongs before you have them all the way out of the outlet. They are sort of like condoms for cords in a way. This is a great idea and I can see these things coming to market as covers you can add yourself.