Concept recycles paper into pencils right before your eyes

Recycling should be important to all of us, but can also be a tedious process that we don't see results from. Loading paper or plastics into a bin, only to see them toted off to parts unknown may not give you a sense of ownership in the process. A new design concept does, though — and it's brilliant.The P2P takes the paper you might toss into the big green bin outside and turns it into a tangible, usable product. Simply slide a sheet of paper into the slot, and the P2P would spit out a pencil. From the blog:

The device is easy to use, completing its process from start to finish in just under a minute. Simply feed the waste paper into the designated slot and the machine rolls and compresses the it, inserts the lead, and then applies a small amount of glue to bond the pencil together. The pencil then automatically slides out the side hole which also doubles as an electric pencil sharpener.

The design concept doesn't look to be available for order just yet, but it's a phenomenal idea. Schools, offices, or even homes could make easy use of this. It's meant to sit on a desk, designed to have a low profile and plug into a wall outlet.

As far as tech has brought us, we're still not done with pen-and-pencil, so this is a great concept. We're not sure we can wrap our brains around recycling a piece of paper into a pencil that has a drawing on it that we made with a recycled pencil just yet, but we'll get there.