Concept laptop has collapsible OLED Screens

A concept computer is definitely a first for me. How far can a designer push the envelope, combining art and technology to extend beyond ordinary for a simple laptop? Designed by Kyle Cherry, Prime Gaming Laptop has envisaged a new type of laptop with creative in mind- a concept laptop with innovative collapsible OLED screens to offering a variety of aspect ratios for utmost gaming experience.

The Prime Gaming Laptop main screen is an OLED 10-inch in size with 16:10 aspect ratio. It features a pair of Aux OLED wing-panels with 8:10 aspect; offers a super wide, 32:10 aspect ratio, 26-inch screen viewing estate when opens and is fully collapsible, laying completely flat on the ground.

Fewer details of the cost and technical information from the artist-within were revealed. It's said to have featured an aluminum body and large vents designs to provide strength and improve thermal conductivity.

[newlaunches via oled-display]