Concept arm sling is what Tron would wear after light cycle accident

I have never broken a bone despite the fact that I was always doing something stupid as a kid like jumping off the roof. My son recently broke his arm and had to have it in a cost and a sling for a few weeks.

That sling was uncomfortable for him and he hated wearing it the whole time. I kept wondering why no one has come up with a better sling in all these years. Designer Ryan Klinger has done just that with a new sling design concept called the SureSling.

The thing looks like what Tron would have worn to mend his arm after an accident. The sling wraps around both sides of the neck and rests on the shoulders for more comfort. A small pump near the forearm lets you inflate the works for a custom fit. There is even a hot/cold pack insert for the shoulder to help relieve pain. This thing is slick and someone should build it.