Conceal your cables in the wall with flatwire

If you've ever ran wire in a house, you'll know that it can be a royal pain. Especially with walls that aren't your usual drywall (my house) it is difficult to punch holes in the wall and cover them up nicely.

That's where Flatwire comes in. Just as the name would have you believe, the wire if almost paper-thin, and if you're re-doing a room, you can run it along your wall and just paint over it. Sure beats knocking holes in your wall. They've got several different types of cable available: Cat5e, coax, speaker wire, component video and HDMI/DVI. They also have high-voltage electrical and low-voltage lighting, but something about running a paper-thin strip of those in my wall just terrifies me.

The price might make you think twice though, 20 feet of composite cable will run you $129.99 and $44.75 will get you 25 feet of speaker wire. If you can afford the extra cost, it will likely add some value to your home and make your entertainment center look nice and tidy.

Paper-Thin Flatwire Disappears Under Paint [via gizmodo]