Comscore Unveils September 2010 Search Engine Rankings

The search engine market is one that tends to change only slightly for the most part with Google dominating, Yahoo coming in second, and Microsoft the perennial third place. That market has changed a bit since Yahoo started using Bing search results, but Yahoo and Microsoft are still reported separately by Comscore.

The latest numbers for September 2010 have been revealed and as expected Google is the top search site with 66.1% of the market, up slightly from 65.4% in August. Second place for the month went to Yahoo with 16.7% of the market, down from 17.4% in August.

Microsoft grabbed 11.2% for September, up a tiny fraction from 11.1% in August. ASK takes the fourth place spot with a scant 3.7% of the market, a decline from 3.8% in August with AOL in the same spot with 2.3% of the market for August and September. If you combine Yahoo and Microsoft search, the two still have about half the reach of Google.