Commodore's Little Gravel In Pocket PMP

I've seen and heard a number of odd product names, but Gravel In Pocket takes the cake. Lets all say it out loud together "Gravel In Pocket," erm isn't that a great name or what? Ok, back to business, Commodore is expected to announce its new personal media player tomorrow at IFA, in Berlin. The company's new personal media player features a 2.8-inch display, WiFi, and plays WMV, MP3, WAV, Xvid, and DivX files. The standard version comes with 1GB internal flash storage or get the optional 2GB model. It's also got an SD slot for additional memory storage. Wait, there's more Commodore goodness, the company will also launch a new site called CommodoreWorld to provide content for the Gravel In Pocket. The new site should go live no later than November.ComodoreCorp PDF data [via Engadget]