Commercial iOS decryption toolset launches from ElcomSoft

I think that we all know most operating systems are far from being as secure as the manufacturer and the users want them to be. Most of them can be hacked by someone with the skill and tenacity to fight through the security on the devices. A company from Russia called ElcomSoft has announced the availability of a new decryption toolset that targets iOS devices.

The software has two parts, one of those parts is the password breaker and the other is available only to police and forensic agencies. That last part is able to extract the numbers used to create the encryption keys for iOS that are used to render decrypted images of the device. The decryption tool has to have direct access to the device. With direct access, it is able to capture the unique device key and escrow keys. The escrow key is calculated by using the UID and escrow pairing records.

Apparently, if you fear The Man will get your device and check up on you at some point, you can beat the software by using a complex password rather than a single, four-digit code to protect the data. The password breaker of the ElcomSoft suite guesses the password based on variations of a word.

[via ArsTechnica]