Command & Conquer Remastered Collection marks the game's 25th birthday

We're at the point in gaming history when iconic titles are being celebrated with both nostalgia and remastered versions. The newest to join that ranks is Command & Conquer from EA, back when it was still actually called Electronic Arts. Now that the genre-defining franchise is a quarter of a century old, the publisher is giving gamers a chance to relive those good old days, this time with support for modern hardware, including 4K displays.

While some may fondly remember StarCraft and WarCraft as the RTS games of legend, they really only arrived on the scene after "RTS" itself was already established. Short for real-time strategy, the birth of the genre has traditionally been credited to the Command & Conquer series, whose first game, now called "Tiberian Dawn", was launched way back in 1995.

Command & Conquer introduced the novel elements of real-time strategy, including the idea of rooting for and controlling opposing factions. The game was also both famous and infamous for its full-motion videos or FMVs that were en vogue during those early years of gaming and compact discs. Thanks to modern technology, you can enjoy all of that again today with visual upgrades, yes including perhaps now comical FMVs.

The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection has been in development for a year and a half, first publicly revealed in October of 2018. The "remastered" part points to the rebuilt graphics and textures and support for 4K resolution displays. The "collection", on the other hand, refers to the original Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert games and their expansions.

The game will be available for purchase on June 5 on both Steam and Origin stores or via Origin's Access Premier subscription. Nostalgic gamers can also pre-order the game now, either for the regular $19.99 price of a digital copy, or special physical editions that offers fans more concrete ways to mark the landmark game's 25th anniversary.