Coming to America: the Nokia E63

Shawn Farner - Jan 8, 2009
Coming to America: the Nokia E63

Nokia announced today that the E63 will be making it’s way to our shores sometime within the next few weeks.  The E63 is a messaging device with a QWERTY keyboard and full HTML browser.

The device does most of what you’d expect it to – you can check your email on it, play media files and play games, amongst other things.  A feature that caught my eye is the phone’s ability to switch between two different home screens.  This allows you to keep one home screen for work related items and another for personal items.  Not a technological feat, by any means, but still a cool idea.

The Nokia E63 will be available, as stated, within the next few weeks.  You’ll be able to buy the device, unlocked, through various retail outlets and on Nokia’s website,  The price? $279.

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