Coming soon - the Wiiboard?

According to the May issue of Game Informer, Nintendo is considering adding a keyboard to their Wii accessory line. I'm a bit torn on this one.

On one hand, you have the people that aren't going to want to keep a special keyboard around just for when they want to surf the internet. But on the flip side, Think about WebTV and the people that used it. Set grandma with a Wii with a keyboard and she'll be able to do all of her surfing from her favorite knitting chair. Not to mention when you stop by for Thanksgiving dinner you can always play Wii Sports.

Honestly, I think there will be plenty of people that will consider buying it. But why not just let the people use any old USB keyboard and be done with it. You could even release a special "Wiiboard" specifically designed for the Wii, just don't force people to use it when they have perfectly good keyboards lying around.

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