Coming Soon: Monty Python Cow Tossing for your iPhone

If flinging turds at island invaders hasn't helped you get out your pent up aggressions, help is on the way. Soon you will be able to use a spiky catapult to fling cows at angry Englishmen in flimsy wooden huts, all on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This is thanks to the popular physics puzzler, Monty Python Cow Tossing.

The game seems to be loosely based on the popular Angry Birds, but it has several additional features. For example, there are Holy Grail and other power-ups on each of the 80 levels of the game. You can also purchase upgrades for your catapult and use different types of animals for throwing, including the African swallow.

Monty Python Cow Tossing will be available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and select mobile handsets in the next few weeks. No price has yet been released.

See the video of the iPhone game here.

[via PocketGamer]