Comet ISON now visible with the naked eye

If you have been following the comet ISON as it makes its trip towards the sun, it has reached a very interesting phase. The comet has continued to brighten as it hurtles through the solar system and has so far remained intact. The comet began to brighten rapidly a few days ago.

Shortly after the comet began to brighten rapidly, it was visible to people on the ground using binoculars. The comet has continued to brighten, and is now viewable with the naked eye. The comet is expected to continue to brighten over the next few weeks.

Astronomers believe that the comet will eventually be brighter than the moon in the night sky. ISON gets its name for the network used to discover it called the International Scientific Optical network Telescope. ISON is currently traveling at a velocity of 234 miles per second.

It will make its closest approach to the sun on November 28 when it will pass 720,000 miles from the sun. Some are predicting that the light show put on by ISON could rival the Great Comet of 1680 that was so bright it could be seen during the day and had a tail 90 million miles long. Scientists now expect the comet to continue putting on a light show even if it breaks up during its approach to the sun. ISON will be at its brightest in early December if it survives its pass by the sun.

SOURCE: Telegraph