Comet ISON could brighten enough to be seen in daylight

Depending on where you read about the comet ISON, it is likely to either be the brightest comet in recent history or fall apart at any moment. A new report has now surfaced that claims ISON could brighten so much in early December that it is visible in the daylight. That is of course assuming it doesn't fall apart any second.

If the comet brightens enough to be seen in the daylight, it would be the first time a comet has been that bright since 1680. The comet will continue to brighten as it heads towards the sun and then makes its return trip past the Earth again on its way out of the solar system.

The last comet visible during daylight hours in the UK was in 1680 and was dubbed the Great Comet. That comet was believed to be a sign from god that he wasn't happy with his people.

Science correspondent Tom Feilden said:

Now the last time that happened was 1680 when the Great Comet sent people scurrying to church to repent their sins, so things could be pretty spectacular.

ISON is the first "sungrazer" comet to come from the Oort cloud in 200 years. It should be clear in the next few weeks if ISON will survive its brush with the sun. The closest approach to the sun for the comet will come on November 28.

SOURCE: Telegraph