Comcast's first transparency report shows 2013 data requests

Comcast has joined the ranks of many other tech companies, publishing its first transparency report on government data requests. Henceforth, Comcast will be releasing transparency reports every six months, detailing federal, state, and local requests for consumer information. In the case of this first report, all government requests from last year are covered.

As with other companies, Comcast's reporting on FISA orders have to be delayed by six months, and as such this first report's information on those requests covers only January through June of last year. The total number of criminal requests in 2013 came to 24,698, while emergency requests came in at 961 and National Security requests fell somewhere between 0 and 999.

Breaking these down, a total of 19,377 subpoenas were received, while court orders were broke down into 3,893 general orders, 93 pen register/trap & trace orders, and 2 wiretaps. Warrants, meanwhile, are broken down as such: 253 under "Content", and 1,080 non-content.

As with other companies, national security requests can only be detailed in a certain range, not with a specific number. As such, while the transparency report breaks NS requests down into national security letters, FISA orders, and FISA warrants, all numbers are listed as merely 0 to 999.

SOURCE: Comcast