Comcast Xfinity Video On Demand To Be Available On TiVo Premiere

Comcast announced today that its Xfinity video on demand service will soon be available on the TiVo Premiere box. Those who own the set-top box in most Comcast areas will get access to their video on demand service. However, no specific timeline was provided except that subscribers in the San Francisco Bay Area will get the option first.

Comcast and TiVo had been working together for more than six years to try and make the TiVo user interface an option for Comcast customers. After facing delays and other bumps in the road, Comcast has terminated that agreement. Instead, the company will now offer TiVo Premiere users access to its Xfinity TV On Demand content that includes over 25,000 titles.

The new partnership will be jointly promoted by Comcast and TiVo, with Comcast offering TiVo Premiere set-top boxes for free to its Xfinity video on demand subscribers. However, it's not clear whether TiVo would be offering any special discounts or freebies for its own service to help promote the new venture.

[via Electronista]