Comcast Xfinity Internet speeds get big increase in NE US this month

Comcast has announced plans to increase its Xfinity Internet speeds throughout the northeastern US, at least for customers who subscribe to its "most popular" plans. Those plans include both Performance Pro and Blast, according to Comcast, which says the speed boost will apply to both new and existing customers located in the ISP's Northeast Division states.

The speed increase won't cost the customers anything, but will result in the most popular plans getting at minimum 25-percent faster speeds. According to Comcast, 80-percent of the Xfinity Internet customers in the NE US will see their speeds reach at least 150mbps thanks to this change, with Blast customers benefiting the most.

Under the update, Performance Starter Internet customers will see their Internet speeds increase from 10Mbps to 15Mbps; Performance customers from 25Mbps to 60Mbps; Performance Pro customers from 100Mbps to 150Mbps; and, finally, Blast customers from 200Mbps to 250Mbps.

The ISP's Northeast Division covers a total of 14 states in the northeastern United States spanning from Virginia up to Maine, as well as Washington DC. Both new and current customers in these states will see the increased speeds starting some time this month, with most of those customers getting the upgrade automatically — they'll just need to restart their modem, says Comcast.

However, some customers will need to upgrade their modem to get the faster speeds; in that case, the company will send out notifications and provide leased equipment to customers who currently lease Comcast hardware. Customers who own their own modem and need an upgrade will have to purchase a new suitable model or lease one from the ISP.

SOURCE: Comcast