Comcast X1 DVR cloud service lets you watch shows anywhere

One of the biggest reasons people cite gravitating towards cable cutting is that it better facilitates their needs: many in the modern world are not able to plop down on the couch at a specific time to watch a show, instead catching it later through an online service or by downloading the episode. Comcast has decided to adjust to these needs, announcing that it is "setting your TV and recordings free."

The service provider has announced that its X1 DVR coupled with cloud services is being expanded into Houston and the San Francisco Bay, allowing users to fire up the Xfinity TV app on their mobile device to watch live television and saved DVR recordings. Comcast promises that "virtually" all channels will be available to stream to a tablet or smartphone.

Through the X1's cloud service, users can use the app to browse through the content on their DVR, select it, and start watching. If there's not going to be a network available, the show can also be selected and downloaded to the device, unshackling it from the limitations so often present with these services. On-demand content and live channels can also be accessed.

The newest locations to get the service join Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Washington DC — others subscribing to Comcast's X1 service have to keep waiting, but it is promised most should be seeing this feature by the end of 2014. If you're in any of the aforementioned regions, head on over to the Play Store to grab the Xfinity TV app.

SOURCE: Comcast