Comcast ups speed for all internet customers and adds 2Gbps tier

Comcast has announced something that subscribers in California will really appreciate. Comcast has announced that it will be launching a couple new tiers of internet service in the state with a new extreme 250 internet plan that brings speeds of 250Mbps. Customers who are currently on certain Comcast plans are also getting a speed boost.

Those on a 50Mbps Performance tier plan will get a speed boost to 75 Mbps. The Blast Tier plan is being bumped from 105mbps to 150Mbps. Both of those speed increases will come at no cost to the customer over their current charges. The speed bumps will go into effect in May and last all year.

Comcast is also rolling out a new high-end internet plan in June that will bring 2Gbps internet connectivity via fiber to the door. About three million homes in California will be eligible to receive the service. The 2Gbps plan is symmetrical and will be offered in Chico, Fresno, Marysville/Yuba City, Merced, Modesto, Monterey, Sacramento, Salinas, San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara County, Stockton and Visalia metro areas.

All homes in those areas will need to be in close proximity to the Comcast fiber network and will require installation with new equipment to receive the speed. Comcast has a large fiber network with 145,000 route miles of fiber cable laid, including a large network of fiber in California.

SOURCE: Comcast