Comcast tweaks Xfinity Mobile data plans, adds Unlimited restrictions

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 1, 2019, 3:55pm CDT
Comcast tweaks Xfinity Mobile data plans, adds Unlimited restrictions

Comcast has announced that Xfinity Mobile now offers ‘By the Gig Shared Data’ options that enable a batch of mobile data to be shared across all of the lines on an account. The company points out that on average, most consumers don’t actually need unlimited data and that most Xfinity Mobile customers already choose the ‘By the Gig’ plan options.

Whereas before customers paid $12 per gigabyte per month on the service, Xfinity Mobile has discounted the price for purchasing larger quantities of data: 1GB for ($12/mo), 3GB for ($30/mo), and 10GB for ($60/mo). Under the new ‘By the Gig Shared Data’ option, customers can choose how much monthly data should be shared to all lines on the account.

The new shared data plans are available to new Xfinity Mobile customers and include LTE hotspot speeds and streaming video in high definition. The new option is joined by a data saver feature that will cut the resolution of videos when the customer wants to use less mobile data.

Based on existing customer feedback, Comcast says it is also adding two ‘value passes,’ one that is $10 per month with unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico, another that is $20 per month per line for high definition video on unlimited lines.

Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited plan still costs $45/month per line for data; customers will no longer get HD video streaming without the $20 pass detailed above. The company says there won’t be any changes to existing customer plans, but that it will slow data speeds during network congestion for new unlimited customers.

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