Comcast public WiFi hotspots will stay free for the rest of the year

Due to high demand for its public WiFi hotspot network, Comcast has announced that it will continue to make the service available for free to non-Comcast customers through the end of the year. With this network, anyone can get online at one of the hotspot destinations, giving people a way to access their schoolwork, check their email, and other things that have become vital amid social distancing efforts.

Comcast made its public hotspot network available for free to the public in an effort to help keep people connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many individuals found themselves suddenly having to work or take classes from home and may not have been prepared. Others have lost their jobs or had their wages cut and may struggle to pay for Internet at home.

The issue has reignited debates over whether Internet service should be made a utility — it is, after all, vitally important for the functioning of modern society and many people are required to have it as conditions of their school or employment. Many people rely upon publically available WiFi at places like libraries, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Comcast currently operates the largest public WiFi network of its kind in the United States, the company claims, with 1.5 million public hotspots powered by its Xfinity Internet service. In an announcement on Friday, the service provider said these hotspots will remain freely accessible until the end of 2020.

How do you find one of these hotspots? Head over to the website and select the 'Find a hotspot' option. You'll be able to enter your zip code or city and view the hotspots that are available nearby. When you're at one of these destinations, you'll be able to find the hotspot by looking for the network named 'xfinitywifi.' To get unlimited access, you'll need to find an outdoor hotspot, not a residential one.