Comcast might team with Walmart to establish affordable streaming dominance

It looks like Comcast wants to make more of splash in the world of streaming, and to do so, it might look to team up with Walmart. A new report today is saying that Walmart and Comcast might partner to make TVs that run streaming software created by Comcast. Such a partnership could be really good for Comcast, which continues to see its cable subscriber numbers drop.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that such a team up would allow Comcast to market to consumers on a nationwide scale. The smart TVs at the center of this deal could be produced by a third-party company and carry Walmart branding. Such a deal wouldn't be anything new for Walmart, as it already makes smart TVs that use Roku and sells them under its Onn brand.

The Wall Street Journal spoke unnamed sources "familiar with the matter," who say that talks between the two companies are still in the early stages and may not pan out. Essentially, this could be the first and last we hear about a partnership between Comcast and Walmart.

A team up like this could be in Comcast's favor, though, as the company is trying to drive subscriptions to NBC's Peacock streaming service. Comcast is looking at rolling out a streaming platform pretty late in the game here, as Roku, Amazon, Google, and Apple are all fairly well established as competitors at this point. Still, having a Comcast-developed streaming platform baked into smart TVs from Walmart could turn Comcast into an instant competitor, especially considering the fact that Walmart sells a ton of TVs each year.

Whether there's a deal with Walmart or not, you can bet that Comcast is going to be looking for ways to both diversify its product offerings and get Peacock in front of as many people possible. Comcast, for its part, didn't want to say anything about a potential partnership when reached for comment by WSJ, so we'll just have to see what happens from here.