Collusion Firefox add-on lets you watch your watchers

With everything that's been going on with tracking of users as they surf the web by major Internet companies such as Google, privacy is again high on the list of priorities for many web users. If you are a Firefox user, you may want to check out a new add-on that Mozilla is talking up called Collusion. This add-on allows you to see who is tracking you and the interconnections between websites that share your data.

The goal of Collusion is to offer more transparency to the user as they surf the web allowing an easier view of who shares your data and how those websites track you. The add-on creates a chart of dots linked by lines with red dots representing advertisers and gray or blue dots representing websites. It gives you an easy to follow view of the websites that are tracking your online activity for behavioral targeting.

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs said that when he was using Collusion, by the end of the day, he was being tracked by 150 different companies or websites. Naturally, Collusion also has the ability to turn off this sort of tracking. That is an interesting add-on, and if you're worried about your privacy, it could be an eye-opener.

[via Mashable]