Coldplay to make their Guitar Hero debut

It looks like Guitar Hero III is finally going to get some new tracks (No, I'm not just talking about the GoW track) from an unlikely band. I'll admit that I dig Coldplay's music, however, they aren't a band I'd expect to find in my Guitar Hero set list.

You're probably scratching your head, much the same as I did when I heard this news. I even loaded up some of their music to confirm that yes, there is a lot of piano in their music. Fear not though,Violet Hill, which will be the first track to hit GH, has a fair bit of guitar.

I checked out the video for the song on YouTube, and while I don't necessarily think that the guitar is going to be all that difficult, it's really not a bad tune. We should probably expect to see this around the same time as their new album is launched, which is June 17.

[ via EW]