Colbert Report set added to Google Business View

Most people are familiar with Google's Street View, which allows users to take virtual tours of just about anywhere. Lesser known is the company's Business View, which is exactly what it sounds like: a virtual look inside of businesses, allowing you to take a peek at a place you haven't visited before you make the trip. This comes in handy for glimpsing a place ahead of visiting it in person, but is also an excellent way to explore places you'll likely otherwise never experience.

Yesterday Google took to its Street View blog to discuss Business View, as well as its most interesting contribution as of late. To mark its conclusion, Google has added the Colbert Report's set to Business View, allowing anyone to virtually explore its bright patriotic studio.

You can do your exploration solo if you wish, but to make it a bit more useful for fans, The Colbert Report has also put up an interactive experience on its website. Through that, users can click on pre-defined locations in the studio and view details in an information panel.

This isn't the only studio or set Google has added to Business View. Among the others, users can check out Adam Savage's Cave, Harry Potter's Diagon Alley, Canada AM's studio, and Tardis. You can check them all out for yourself here.

VIA: Google, Street View