CoinTerra unveils GSX I PCIe bitcoin mining card for PCs

Shane McGlaun - Feb 18, 2014
CoinTerra unveils GSX I PCIe bitcoin mining card for PCs

When it comes to getting your hands on the virtual currency bitcoin, there are a couple ways you can do it. You can buy bitcoin at one of the exchanges. You can also get your own hardware and set about mining for your own bitcoin. Bitcoin mining isn’t an easy task though and you aren’t guaranteed to get your hands on the virtual currency.

A company called CoinTerra has announced a new ASIC Bitcoin mining card that is available for PC users wanting to mine their own virtual loot. The card is a PCIe device that claims to be offered at a price that enthusiasts and hobbyists can afford.

The price for the GSX I mining card is $1599, which is certainly not what most of us would think of as affordable. The GSX I promises performance of over 400 gigahash per second. The mining card is designed to slip inside a wide range of full-tower cases and mid-tower cases.

The card also has a host USB port for connectivity with the computer. The design of the mining card also means that a serious miner could drive multiple GSX I mining cards using an off the shelf controller like the BeagleBone Black from the company’s TerraMiner. The GSX I is set to launch in June 2014.

SOURCE: CoinTerra

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