COD: Modern Warfare Season 1 battle pass and free content detailed

Activision has detailed all of the free and battle content it will release as part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One. As with Fortnite and a number of other games, Activision is using a battle pass system for its Modern Warfare installment, promising players what it says is the single largest drop of free content in the franchise's entire history.

Epic Games arguably was the driving force behind optional battle pass content in games, popularizing the business model with its Fortnite battle royale game. Activision is using the same general model for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; it will offer a huge number of free perks alongside other content that is exclusive to battle pass holders.

The free content includes multiple new maps like "Port," "Crash," "Vacant," "Cargo," "Atrium," "Shipment," and more. The maps will support multiplayer fights, gunfights, and ground war, according to Activision. Players can also expect the addition of a new multiplayer mode called "Infected" and "Reinforce," as well as a new gunfight mode called "On Site Procurement."

Players can also expect new Special Ops Experiences, the company says, including "Pitch Black," "Just Reward," "Grounded," and "Bomb Squad." Other unspecified content, including new maps, experiences, and game modes will also be released to all players throughout the game's first season.

Beyond that, players can expect new content to be made available through the game's battle pass system, meaning you'll need a battle pass to access it. Activision is promising full details about this on December 3, stating only at this time that all players will be able to unlock "some" of the battle pass tiers.

Content will include two new weapons: the Holger-26 and the Ram-7. We'll have to wait until December 3, however, to find out what all 100 tiers will offer.