Coca-Cola's latest limited edition Star Wars bottle has OLED lightsabers

Coca-Cola regularly releases novelty drinkware that includes everything from ordinary plastic bottles featuring names printed on the label to holiday-themed glassware. The company previously released limited edition bottle designs related to the latest Star Wars movies and Rise of Skywalker is no exception. Coca-Cola Singapore is showing off a new bottle that features OLED-powered lightsabers, but they won't be easy to find.READ: Galaxy Edge's "detonator" bottles banned by TSA

The 'magic' behind the glowing lightsabers on Coca-Cola's latest soda bottle involves OLEDs and technology from Inuru. Bottles featuring Rey include a blue lightsaber; bottles featuring Kylo Ren feature a red lightsaber. The lightsabers illuminate when the bottle is touched.

The technology exists within the special label, according to Inuru, which says that consumers won't be able to tell the difference between an ordinary bottle label and this special glowing version. The company stresses that it used sustainable technology, including electronics on paper, to create the special effect labels.

It'll be difficult for most fans to get their hands on this limited edition bottle, however — they'll only available in Singapore where Coca-Cola says it will release 8,000 bottles. The items are likely to end up for sale online through third-party sites like eBay, but no doubt at an ample premium.

Perhaps to prevent a small number of people from buying all of the bottles, the company says it will offer fans five clues leading to five different locations where bottles are made available to purchase. This 'Galactic Hunt' will last for three weekends leading to December 22.