CNN Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Hackers are constantly targeting the social media and websites of major corporations and organizations. In October of last year, the Syrian Electronic Army hacked into President Obama's social media accounts. The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is at it again with a new hack in to social media accounts.

The SEA has hacked into the Facebook and twitter accounts of news organization CNN. The hack took place yesterday and CNN confirmed that its main Facebook account, twitter feeds, and some of its blogs were targeted.

CNN says that the posts, including tweets, that were unauthorized were deleted within minutes of being posted. The news organization also says that its accounts are now secure. The SEA made a statement in one of the tweets that it had hacked the accounts as retaliation against what it calls "vicious lying" reported by CNN.

There is no word on how exactly the SEA was able to gain access to the social media accounts. Presumably, it somehow cracked a password used by an authorized account holder.