Cluzee is the Android Siri alternative

If you are an Android user and have been wishing for something along the lines of Siri for your smartphone, Cluzee is looking like your alternative. Cluzee might lack the integration with some of the outside devices and services like Plex media and such that Siri offers. However, it will do the core voice functions Siri offers. Cluzee does have a few tricks that Siri is missing reports BGR.

One of those cool tricks is that if you have Cluzee read your schedule to you for the day and say you have a doctor appointment on the books, Cluzee will tell you if an issue on a road you would take to get to your appointment might make you late. That is a neat trick for sure. The app also does the basic reading of email and text message aloud to the user. It will also take the user's speech and turn that into a text or email.

The voice commands that the app will respond to are plain language spoken commands and it will do all sorts of cool things including local search if you tell it what you need. The app is available today and a cloud-based version is in the works that will support any phone, computer, or tablet that has a web connection.

[via Android Community]