Club 3D unveils Radeon HD5450 Noiseless Edition

Video cards are used for more than just playing games. They are used in HTPC machines for better graphics and video and they are often used in machines for video and audio editing too. When you are using a video card in a HTPC often, you want components that are very quiet so they don't disrupt the movie you are watching.

Club 3D has announced a new video card that is great for the HTPC machine or other system where silence is golden. The new card is called the HD5450 Noiseless edition. The video card has no fan and uses a passive heat sink for cooling.

Fans on video cards are often some of the noisiest parts inside a computer. The video card uses the PCI-E 2.1 interface. The GPU is clocked at 650Mhz and it uses GDDR3 RAM at 800MHz. Maximum supported resolution is 2560 x 1600. Multiple GPUs are also supported along with lots of other features.