Clockman Stares At You When It Tells You the Time

Are you tired of having a clock that shows numbers? Or looks like a clock at all? Then it's time you moved up the evolutionary chain, and grabbed yourself a Clockman. These little guys are based in Japan, but surely would love to jump across the pond and find their way to your bedside desk, so it's the first thing you see every morning. If you can stand colorful things that talk to you, Clockman is waiting for you.

At first glance, it doesn't look like this little black box, with its blank eyes, colorful mouth, and gigantic button does anything, but that's simply not the case. If you want to know the time, you simply press that button down, and in its electronic voice it happily gives you the gruesome details. But! Be forewarned, because these things pack some personality of their own. The Clockman radios are based on blood-type, which in Japan means they are markers for personality traits, and can even be used to determine a person's horoscope.

A quick example, and by no means elaborating on these little box's depth, would be to hit Type AB's big button, which would provoke the box to say, "I think it's 11AM." But, if you happen to press the button again, just for kicks, the clock will promptly retort: "Didn't I just tell you? It's 11AM." We're not saying that these are the most proficient or work-centric things on the block, but come on. They're cute. Right? And we can't be serious all the time, now can we?

[via Tokyo Mango]