Climbing UP suitcase concept helps people tackle stairs with ease

Just as we thought that every possible form of luggage has been created we are taken by surprise by something new and exciting. The newest gizmo that happened to float our way is the Climbing UP suitcase designed by Woo Moonhyung.

This concept suitcase is designed to make tackling stairs and dragging your luggage long distances easy.  Rather than going to two wheels at the base route like the suit cases we see rolling around every day, this new design puts a set of free-wheeling rubber belt cracks that cover the entire body of the suitcase. This design in theory is suppose to help people lug their stuff up stairs, but in reality its basically dragging it upstairs without the friction.

On the other hand, you can drag your stuff long distances without the worry that your suitcase will flip over. If such an instance occurs you can keep trucking right along as if it never happened. This really makes for a great idea, so great in fact that Woo Moonhyung took home the 2008 red dot design concept award for this piece. Lets hope this good design does not go to waste.