Clever Fortnite trick turns Proximity Mine into weaponized drone

There has been no shortage of clever and complex Fortnite exploits that make the game do things the developers didn't intend. Some of these exploits have been fairly small and useless, but many have given players who know about them an advantage. The latest exploit falls somewhere in the middle — it's fairly complex, but won't be too useful unless you whip it out at just the right time.

A tutorial revealing the exploit recently went viral on Reddit where user "Slushyguy" demonstrated the move. You'll need a remote explosive and a proximity mine to pull it off. Build a wall, as shown in the video below, toss a remote explosive on the wall's second row and a proximity mine on its top row.

How to make a drone from r/FortNiteBR

Now edit out both of those rows; the C4 will fall on top of the bottom row, then the proximity mine will fall on top for the C4. When this happens, the two become one and start to fly forward in whatever direction they were aimed. The mine then essentially becomes a weaponized drone that is much harder to spot than a rocket.

Operating the 'drone' really isn't possible, at least not with precision and stealth. The user demonstrates 'steering' the bomb by building around it, which seems to influence the direction it moves. This would, however, draw attention to the flying explosive, making it easier for opponents to shoot it out of the sky.

There's an obvious advantage to this exploit, however, assuming you have the materials and can build quickly enough. Whereas a rocket is loud and bright, the explosive drone is small and nearly silent -- not to mention completely unknown to most players. Creating one of these mines and aiming them toward the opponent's structure could prove to be a stealthy way to take down a build without alerting the enemy.