Clearwire hopes to have TD-LTE networks live by June 2013

When Clearwire started, it was operating WiMAX networks in limited areas around the country. The rollout of those WiMAX networks took longer than expected and Clearwire ended up without the giant lead in 4G expected over LTE. Clearwire decided to start rolling out LTE networks in addition to WiMAX. Clearwire will specifically roll out TD-LTE networks around the country.

Right now, Clearwire is expecting to have 5000 TD-LTE sites up and running by June of 2013. The news comes directly from Clearwire CEO Erik Prusch during a conference call to announce the Q4 earnings for the company. The CEO also stated that not too long after those first 5000 TD-LTE sites go live, the coverage will be expanded 8000 sites.

Prusch also added that the TD-LTE network Clearwire rolls out would not be focused on the population covered as much as its WiMAX networks are. Instead, the TD-LTE networks will focus on the amount of data traffic that can be transmitted across the network. This could be an indication that the goal is to generate wholesale revenue by selling bandwidth to carriers in the TD-LTE areas.

[via Fiercewireless]