Clear Spot 4G Mobile Hotspot With New LCD Display Hits The FCC

Clearwire looks to be readying a new mobile hotspot device for their Clear 4G WiMAX network. New documents passed through the FCC today revealing that the device is manufactured by Gemtek with a model number WIXFMM-122. The new mobile hotspot will likely be marketed as the Clear Spot 4G.

From the image above, we can see that the Clear Spot 4G has just a slight redesign with rounded corners rather than the diamond cut form of last year's Clear Spot 4G+ hotspot, which also looks very similar to the NowNetwork's Overdrive Pro hotspot. It's not surprising since the two companies are partners in developing the 4G WiMAX network and the 4G+ was able to hop on to either company's network.

The new Clear Spot 4G mobile hotspot's small LCD screen displays signal strength, network, battery levels, and WiFi network ID. It can also connect up to eight devices. However, no pricing or release date information is available yet.

[via Wireless Goodness]