Cisco announces Linksys 802.11ac router and Cloud Connect platform

Cisco announced the new Linksys EA6500 today, its first 802.11ac router with up to 1,300Mbps data rate on the 5GHz and 540Mbps on the 2.4GHz. The announcement of the EA6500 also comes at the same time as does the Linksys AC Universal Media Connector featuring 802.11ac connectivity to a maximum of four ethernet devices. Both the Media Connector and EA6500 router should be available in August or September.

Another big announcement Cisco made today was the availability of Cisco Connect Cloud for Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers–a software platform that allows you to remotely manage your home wireless network from your computer, Android or iPhone. It works with new Cisco EA series routers and existing EA routers with updated firmware. After setting up an account, Cloud Developers can also write and create apps so that other devices can be managed when connected to the home network.

Six developers have been set up already for the start of a new Linksys Developer Community, which was launched to encourage more apps for people that need help managing their home networks. The community will offer resources like SDKs, tutorials and samples. Cisco has also joined up with major appliance companies like Whirpool to help create a home environment with more devices supported by Wi-Fi connectivity.

This could definitely be the start of a completely connected home in which all appliances and major devices are entirely automated through the home Wi-Fi network.