Cineversum BlackBird Projectors Designed After Stealth Bomber

The company, Cineversum, is from France and they designed three new 1080p projectors with the Stealth planes in mind. Or at least they have a remarkably similar appearance, and it just so happens that the U.S. Air Force has a nickname for their Stealth Bomber, and guesses?

Yep, you, in the third row, you got it right, they like to call it BlackBird as well. Who knows if there are any further connections like if this thing is capable of avoiding radar detection, if it's made from the same materials, or if maybe it's just really silent.

We may never know, "why?" you may ask, well that's a simple matter of price, you see the projector costs $16,000. Since that's more than enough to buy a projector that can do more than 1080p I don't know why anyone would be enough out of their gourd to buy one of these, but it does look kind of cool as far as projectors go.

[via crave]